This article kicks off an ongoing series on Airbnb’s new Design Language System. Technology companies are expected to move at an incredible pace, and building software is complex. It became clear that At the time, the Airbnb codebase was suffering from three technical challenges, enumerated by Wichrowska as fragmentation, complexity and performance. Other titles include: 1. The fragmentation resulted from engineers using any framework or library they were most familiar with. We also use git/github to facilitate the file updating process. Keeping the unused CSS led to growing bundle sizes which in turn eventually led to slow page loading, in a way that performance became a key worry. It provides a space to create and maintain a shared visual language between designers and developers at scale. min read. You need to Register an InfoQ account or Login or login to post comments. Prior to beginning this design sprint, we had already created a basic style guide, that we called the foundation. [2]: I’ll leave it to one of our engineers to write more about the technical side the DLS. A button with an alpaca color would for instance require a isAlpaca prop rather than a style or className prop which could be freely customized. Reviewing our collective work at the end of each day, we began to see patterns emerge. The full talk is available on React Conf’s web site, and this contains further code snippets and detailed explanations. Is your profile up-to-date? This foundation loosely defined our typography, colors, icons, spacing and information architecture. Safeguard lost work with a “master” folder. Kim exclaimed: Kim also scrolled through the