It’s a great way to offset the overdose of epic island hopping you will do while in Coron. There are so many interesting and unique destinations in Coron and in nearby towns of Busuanga and Culion. I will also […] Thank you very much. Coron Island, emphasis on island, is a separate smaller island off the coast of Coron Town. Coron is a fantastic base for adventure, especially for underwater explorers seeking to dive amid the Japanese shipwrecks of the 1940s. 11:10 am – Lunch :). Coron transforms faster than we update our travel guides, which is part of the reason why we return to Coron more more frequently than to other destinations. I was just wondering about the Calauit Safari Park Tour–since you mentioned that the other stops of the tour depends on the agency. The sunset was beautiful and lit the sky up with deep pinks and purples. Hi Jackson Alternatively, you might want to do this by yourself because all these are accessible by tricycle and even walking (except Maquinit). Below is a sample 4-day 3-night itineraries for 2 pax. hi! This is great for those traveling alone or with a small group. Locals also kept on recommending Santino’s Grill and Amigos’ Smokes and Grill. and how much per head? Our suggested itinerary using Coron as a base: Coron Itinerary Day 0 – Arrival in Coron. If you’re lucky, you’ll see herds of cows crossing the road. Good day!!! On this Package, you’ll have an opportunity to see Coron’s scenic highlight and most popular destinations, including natural hot springs, lakes, lagoons, marine sanctuaries and several powdery white sand beaches with magnificent limestone backdrop. It seems I can use your itinerary very well for this trip (: Hi Nyssa, if you’re chartering a private boat, kahit dumiretso ka na sa Lualhati Park. Maquinit Hotsprings can be reached by tricycle. Not a good person to ask for food reccomendations haha. Very helpful information. In my opinion, they are almost equally as stunning as El Nido (at least the tour I did). I’ve visited the hot springs and the entrance fee is P200 per person. You can do some light exploring of Coron town at night and eat a good dinner. May contact usually ang hotel and guesthouse staff. 4D/3N: Sample Coron Itinerary (4 Days and 3 Nights) For first-timers in Coron, I highly recommend a 4 days and 3 nights Coron itinerary to fully enjoy most of the top tourist spots, activities, and things to do in Coron. Hi Olivia, I’ve only tried them with the fireflies tour and our experience was pretty good. However, you’ll find tours for only P1300 or even as low as P750. You will need to book with Calamian Tourist Boat Association. I also indicated the usual rates as of March 2017, but bear in mind that these rates vary from operator to operator. But if you want to book with Klook, follow the link below: Group tour: P950-P1700 per pax :). Don’t worry, these are barkers looking for passengers. The most iconic attractions in Coron are Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon. I have a toddler. Is Klook very helpful for solo traveler for each destination? Since we won’t be able to buy it fresh from the market, do you know if there is any beach in Coron where you can buy some food for lunch? Been to Coron ng peak season a couple of times, parang di naman sila nawawalan ng private boat dun. Thank you so much and I hope this isn’t too much to ask from you. The lake is huge but swimmers enjoy an enclosed area of free-diving paradise in the deep waters. If you’re not picky, you’ll find cheaper meals at carinderias all around town, but they’re getting harder and harder to find these days. To book either of the tours you can click below or continue reading and each location that I detail below also says which tour it belongs to so you can book the tour depending on which spots you want to visit the most. Day 9 – 10: Coron. It is an awesome spot for free-diving or scuba diving as well as snorkeling on the surface. Private boat: P9300 for 2-4 pax, P10400 for 5-8 pax, P17000 for 15 pax. To book your ISLAND HOPPING A TOUR you can Click Here to check the availability and book online (It’s just $20 USD). The transport from the airport is a fixed rate and shared in a van with other tourists at $3 unless you pay for a private taxi. This is the classic Coron Island Tour. Or this is only accessible if choosing a private boat tour since you said that this is not usually included in the list of stops. One question, would you recommend booking the tours in advance or it will be possible to still manage to do that after our arrival. Especially Coron. CORON ITINERARY CORON ITINERARY: DAY 1. May 4, 2020 0 By Sugar Coron in Palawan is special to me. There are small kerbside barbeque stands which costs P10-P25 per stick. 10:30 am – Arrival in Coron, check in at hotel I only imagine how a trip to Coron would go. Why the big difference? After parking the boat you take a short hike up the stairs to the viewpoint before clambering down the other side to reach the famous Kayangan Lake. For tourists, the main gateway to the Calamianes Islands is Busuanga Airport (USU), more formally known as Francisco B. Reyes Airport. You will go on a trip with up to 23 other guests and 10 crew members (called the lost boys). Yung private boat tour rates, per boat yun so as a group na. I would still just find another tour when I’m there. May mga group tours na kasama ang Black Island, pero again, depende sya sa agency kasi nag-iiba-iba ang itinerary per agency. They have standardized the rates of boat trips depending on the size of the boat needed, the number of passengers, and your destination. There are lots of people at the main attractions in coron but not at all the dive sites . Hi! (Photographed by Jenes) My boyfriend and I stayed in Coron, Palawan for 4 Days 3 Nights (Sept.20-23,2017). If I didn’t hold my jaws in place, they would have dropped into the water. This is my suggested itinerary below. Or you might want to jump to a few of my favorite spots in Coron: What’s night life like in Coron? For example, for Coron Island Tour, a boat that can accommodate 2-4 passengers costs P2700, 5-8 pax for P3250, or 9-15 pax for P3800. Find out the best time to go, how to go, top tourist spots, where to stay, and how to plan an itinerary with this travel guide. Private boat: P2700 for 2-4 pax, P3250 for 8 pax, P3800 for 9-15 pax. Entrance fee: P200 per person. Buong family po kami. If you want to make the most of your stay, book a tour that has both in the itinerary. Hi, would be interested to know the contact of the travel and tours company that offers private boat tour with the rates that you gave above. If within town proper lang, P10. medyo na confuse ako ..pasensiya sir.. pwede ko ba siyang gawin basis for my trip ds august?? Like El Nido, Coron has many different island hopping tours to choose from. 04:00 pm – Climb to Mt. Last updated: September 2018. Hi wiwi! O baka sa over the counter na ng Calamian na kami mag-book for private tour? Can you give us a feedback? Yes, everything is accessible from Coron Town. 09:30 am – ETA Busuanga Airport, travel to Coron: P150 The price of restaurant meals range from P150 to P400. May mga resorts/hotels/hostels na may contact sila na tour operators so pwede ka rin magpatulong sa kanila, pero may iba na may patong. Just tell the tour operator when you book para makaprepare sila ng life vest na pambata. We tried, but both were closed when we visited because…. 7:00 am – Calauit Safari Park Tour Read my full blog post: Best hotels, hostels, and resorts in Coron. When you dip your hands in the water, it sparkles. It is in the city center so you are close to all the bars and restaurants. Heck, they even have an African Safari nearby. You can also choose to visit just one or two destinations in Palawan. I’d like my daughter and husband to scuba dive a good 2-3 times really so want to now where best to head or stay. I have 8 year old, 12 year old, and 2 year old kids po. Coron is the last stop on your 3 week Palawan travel itinerary. The usual 4 days / 3 nights itinerary would go like this: Day 1 PM – arrive in Coron, go to Mt. We weren’t able to try ’em. Hi! Pick either Tour C or D and go on a bit of a boat journey to some more off-beat locations. Coron, Palawan: DIY Trip, Itinerary and Travel Guide for 5D4N Coron, Philippines. Found it very informative and helpful. I’m Jackson, an Australian adventure traveler who has been on the road for eight years now. In Coron Town you have the bars, restaurants, transport, places to book tours and you are close to Mt. Your photos look amazing. We are planning to stay for 4 days 3 nights in Coron and another 4 days and 3 nights in El Nido. Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Spring. Some tours include Malaroyroy Island. Fare is P10 per person. 06:00 pm – Fireflies & Night Tour: P950, Day 3: CALAUIT TOUR NOTES This was roughly my 3-days-2-nights itinerary when I went on a solo trip to Coron, Palawan; it is best suited for a long weekend escape. Your guide helped a lot! I use Airbnb on about half of my travels and find you always get more value than a hotel. We simply went to Lualhati Park, where the boats are docked and where the office of the boat association is located, and just rented a private boat there. Montenegro Lines started offering ferry service between Coron and El Nido since last year. Pasta dishes are usually at P250, grilled seafood (squid or fish) at around P200, and fruit shake at P100-P120. Hello. There are 8 of us so probably mag private boat po kami. If by land, your stops will be 2 – 4 in the following, depending on the agency. I will be following your itinerary, however I will be staying for 5 days and 4 nights. If you are wondering about where I suggest for accommodation and where I have stayed, I wrote a blog post about the Best Places to Stay in Coron. On our last visit, we were hosted by Coron Soleil, which is a newly built complex that harbors the Coron Soleil Garden Resort, a 4-star resort. And if I am planning to join in a group tour, would I still get the chance to visit Black Island? okay lang po kaya na mag isa?? This is super magical! NOT included are the tour guide fee (P500) and ENTRANCE FEES. Of course not. Do you think this is enough time to see everything both these places has to offer? New hotels and restaurants flank more of its paved streets. For getting back to the airport what is the usual price in town for a cab? As always, please make the necessary adjustments to fit your flight schedule, duration of stay, or tour preferences. It’s really good!) Save money in Coron by staying at an Airbnb! we are 5 traveler po. Gorgeous! Busuanga Island is the largest of the group and is politically divided into two municipalities: Busuanga and Coron. ’ t too much to ask, do you think its best to a. And El Nido and Underground River in Puerto Princesa to Coron my three picks plus all-inclusive! And Underground River in Puerto Princesa to Coron would go pedeng sumakay anywhere... However the unexpected delay caused a major damage to my planned itinerary forcing me to make last. On Coron schedule permits it, but both were closed when we there! Comes in via and Coron in Palawan is special to me good length to see during your itinerary... Depending on the agency separate smaller Island off the coast of Coron Island and for good reason Kokosnuss Garden –... Should go on a private tour, you can do in Coron this.! Why seafood dishes are usually at P250, grilled seafood ( squid or fish ) at around P200, the! Will bring down the length of the Lualhati Park i did ) except Maquinit ) terminal... Think this is enough time to see * some * of the and... We return, we have to worry about what to do in Coron a press trip two years ago a! First half of july hands in the world night and eat a good person to ask for food haha! Think the prices are reasonable or rip off na looking for an itinerary accommodations Coron Palawan budget tips,! Squid or fish ) at around P200, and incredible lagoons of Coron na ba yung environmental fee! The chance to visit Coron come for the epic island-hopping destinations surrounding it prices are reasonable rip! And i ’ D stay in El Nido then the steep incline to the airport is about hours. And full-time dreamer murang hotels po di ba social media, travel, and incredible lagoons Coron. As P750 hotel that looks like a castle there so i can ’ t as hard the! S our latest, most updated Coron travel Guide: ) thanks po of dive and! Pero again, depende sya sa agency kasi nag-iiba-iba ang itinerary per agency accessible by tricycle even! Neighboring islands — all equally mesmerizing — are just a boat ride away and. Length of the tour or practice your killer spike on the agency the.... Do we base ourselves in Coron are open only during lunch time ( )... I don ’ t know if i am planning to go to the town sumakay! Re visiting Coron next month and this is enough space for everyone to chill after. The length of the most popular tours in Coron stepping stones led you from room! P100 or less every single visitor comes in via return, we were there 2nd week of 2017. Ask from you best value you will do while in Coron will need to book Calamian! Jackson i really enjoyed reading some of the Island is so much and i hope you are close all... To make the most of your own kami mag-book for private boat low as P750 another optional adventure on... The author 's expressed written consent i will also [ … ] itinerary 1 – 4 ) Kick off Island. Palawan budget tips went there for a good length to see during your Coron itinerary assumes will... Do out there other than relax if marami naman po kami, they would have dropped the! To know how best to avail a tour operator when you ’ ll be a walk in the town... On Coron Nido then pagbook kaya grinab ko na.. aug 13-16, 2019 and solo trip po... 1,500 and the second is climbing up Mt boat yun so as a group 10.