It is relatively easy to find out if your property has gophers living below the surface; gophers leave undeniable evidence of their presence. Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on June 12, 2012: My grandfather used to RAGE about gophers! David (author) from Idaho on July 31, 2012: Marcy - they seem to show up at the worst times. Pamela N Red - Owls might be your best friend to get rid of those gophers. I was thrilled to a get a HOTD. I was looking the information how to get rid of Gophers because they are ruining our back yard and eating tomatoes, mint and chili plants. Congratulations on receiving Hub of the Day! As mammals, gophers have the ability to carry rabies. Non-lethal methods are usually a preferred path for people who don’t want to kill the animal or don’t want to deal with disposing of the animal’s carcass after the kill. The main problem with using bait is how easy you can poison another animal. It destroys animal burrows and take care of most homes. No caterpillars, no butterflies. We have problems with deer in the garden. Will share it with friends who have larger lawns and gardens. I have a huge gopher problem because of a neglectful neighbor. Since the gophers dug the holes originally, it stands to reason that the gophers can tunnel out if trapped underground. and nothing worked. My wife recently experienced the displeasure any gardener has when something growing in their garden has been munched on by a garden pest. Your gophers are big different than ours. You see, we're on about 3/4 of an acre, with an open field behind us, and all of the lots on our block are about a half acre as well. Angela Brummer - Fortunately they haven't put any holes out where our horses are, hopefully it stays that way! Using Non-Lethal Remedies Scatter some of your pet's droppings. The holes that gopher tortoises create may not be that appealing to you. It’s almost impossible to see a gopher outside of his hole during day time, thus it’s pretty useless to battle with them until night comes. Fortunately there are a few non-lethal options that aren’t too difficult to administer. Since gophers stay in the ground the theory is that they will become bothered by the constant noise and will relocate to another area, this is an especially interesting option for anyone who doesn’t like their neighbors too much. Oh, and we have an owl that sits in a tree in our back yard. A plastic owl may work to keep gophers away in case no owl shows up. or more). There are several ways to either get rid of the gophers by poisoning or trapping them, or to make hanging out on your property unappealing for them. Here was a normally sweet and mild mannered kitty who had transformed into a calculated hunter and she certainly had the look on her face to match this intensity. I have the perfect deterrent. Voted up! Good luck with your gophers I know how upsetting it can be when your garden is torn up. Voted Up and Useful. Chuck Abbe Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0). I don't want to leave the dead gopher in the tunnel because I am going to grow some vegetables there. Killing methods include poison, gas or traps that kill them. Many of the methods to eliminate gophers used in a yard are not feasible to use under your house. A few species of Central American gophers reach almost 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs. They form large colonies, and a large network of underground tunnels. What really stuck with me was the look in her eyes. They weigh a few hundred grams (1 lb. LOL. Flooding is perhaps the next least toxic way to get rid of gophers. It is pretty unkind, catching an animal and taking it from its home, but, it's my home too! However, if you have a garden or flower beds next to your house, a gopher may very well choose to live in the safety the crawl space under your house provides. Whine-whine-whine, huh? What a useful Hub indeed! Just a harmless woodland creature, not a plastic explosive or anything..."). Life without the Gophers’ top pass catcher will begin against Nebraska at 11 a.m. Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. We don't have normal gophers--we have "robo-gophers!" We planted the onion sets and a chipmunk came along and popped them all out of the ground. Thanks for commenting. Gophers are medium-sized rodents. Keeping a shovel at the ready is the best way to do this. Living out in the country cats and dogs mysteriously show up in the neighborhood once in a while. There are two main methods when it comes to removing gophers, lethal and non-lethal. Look for fresh, plugged "feeder holes" with grass or other plants chewed or eaten around perimeter of hole. Thanks on the congratulations, it was a very pleasant surprise to win a HOTD. All you have to do is install a roll of metal wire at the bottom, before you fill the bed with soil and/or manure. Moles, on the other hand, must not taste good, thus the porch offerings. For something so cute, they sure are a pain. Thanks for sharing the article with your Mom. Many people feel that gophers can actually learn about these traps, if their contact with them is not lethal. Barn owls are comfortable living close to humans and we actually have had one living in our front pine tree for many years. Gopher hole by ksphotographic on deviantart golf course how to effectively get rid of gophers gophers ping canadian prairie farmers can gophers damage the foundation Mon Signs Of A Gopher Problem Valley Pest SolutionsHow To Get Rid Of Gophers Garden DesignHow To Effectively Get Rid Of Gophers No Shovel RequiredGophers Ping Canadian Prairie FarmersHow To … FatFreddysCat - Loved Caddyshack. Thanks and Good luck. These tunnels have only one advantage—they can help break up the soil in harder clay soils—but the primary disadvantage of these tunnels far outweighs this one advantage. My cats killed several of them and we have made trips to the vet from a gopher bite and they have brought a live baby gopher into the house. Though the dream of defeating Ohio State for the Big 10 champion title is a faraway dream, the squad should be able to batter through the remaining competition to … Thanks for voting and I appreciate the congratulation; it was a great surprise. You can read more about gopher removal here. Our home back in the midwest did get quite a few of these critters. How to Get Rid of Gophers in your Yard - Gophers live in long tunnels with multiple entrance and exit points. Most likely, if there is one hole in your yard, there are several more if you will look for them. Still haven't seen one, but boy, do I suddenly have signs of them. Flooding. Joined Feb 9, 2011 Messages 9,957 Reaction score 1,554 Points 113. They till the earth, aerating the soil. Dig out a fresh mound until you have exposed the tunnel. Although they do not exhibit symptoms themselves, they can bite you or another household member and pass on the infection. Then you either wait for rain or water the ground yourself. It will also leave a dead gopher under your house which will create an odor. I've seen beautiful yards destroyed by gophers and moles. Having the cats typically hanging around the property helps keep any mice issues at bay as well. So, the next best thing is to either trap them or lead them away from your property so they can live their destructive ways somewhere else. Once you are sure the gopher is gone, take your shovel and fill in the holes with the dirt mounds the gopher has dug up and left behind. It can be very depressing to have a home garden that is under attack from gophers. Gassing is done by inserting a tube, about an inch around and five inches long, into a relatively fresh hole and covering it up with dirt. But, we have raised bed gardens with the wire mesh underneath. My husband said he was standing at work today and a gopher ran out stood up on his hine legs and looked at him and he thought for a minute he was going to run up his leg. Piles of loose dirt with little holes. These holes will be plugged with soil after the gopher is done feeding at a location. When the gophers in our garden started munching on our vegetables, I had to find a solution. Presumably, the same attacker had uprooted a larger than a baseball sized onion, I guess the little varmint had a craving for salsa? I think they are so cute. After activating the gas tube keep an eye open for any gas escaping in the yard so you can cover up the open hole. Good kitty? Unfortunately for them they have found our garden and have forced us to take defensive actions. To entice an owl to consider relocating to your property you will want to learn what kind of owls are in your area. Mmargie1966 from Gainesville, GA on June 16, 2012: Very interesting hub, although I'm not a fan of killing them if you have an alternative. Gophers do not cause damage under your house other than making tunnels because under your house you will not have vegetables or flowers growing. The trouble is they dig under my driveway and dig out the sand and dirt causing it to have cracks. Collapsing tunnels may discourage them... we will see! That and I am not a fan of getting rid of the after product of a successful lethal dose. In our yard, I have known that we have gophers for many years now but I haven’t been too concerned with them, primarily because they never gave me any reason to have to deal with them, until now. In your yard, they will eat the tender roots of grass and other plants in the spring. You will need two traps to set inside the tunnel in oppisite directions and tied to a piece of string and then to a stake outside the tunnel.This will prevent them from dragging trap down tunnel if they hit trap.Cover hole with a piece of dark non reflective material and be sure to seal all light from tunnel hole or gopher will figure something is going on and it will push dirt onto trap.check traps every other day and move to … Gophers can chew through the hardest soils but they are not fans of metal so installing a roll of metal wire will keep them away from your raised bed. If you see any of these mounds, you have gophers. Every year I "Remove" from 1 to 6 gophers. The traps are similar in design to mouse and rodent traps but deliver the lethal blow from both sides instead of from above. Voted interesting! Gassing them under your house is not recommended because it may harm other animals; although, if you remove your pets and children until the gas has dissipated, it is very effective. Etna behind the wheel of our truck! I bet he would have loved this Hub. MarleneB - Sounds like you are in a good spot to keep any gophers at bay. These stakes are put into the ground and use batteries to create an uncomfortable and annoying sonic noise in the ground. My hubby put a stake that vibrated to get rid of them. A neighborhood cat recently caught one that was danged near the size of a small cat!! This week, we found a gopher pile half the size of Mt. I have never tried this method but I somehow envision a heavily infested yard looking like it has a bunch of Old Faithful water spouts in it with all of the potential places the gas could escape. I actually thought they were made by the rabbits that comes into my garden, but then they were too small to fit the rabbits. The great-grand-daddy! Rated up. Most people today do not want to kill anything, including gophers. We didn't have them for a few years and thought maybe the neighbor cats were deterring them but the other day I noticed a couple mounds near my driveway. We have very few of them where I live now, but 'up north' they're more of a problem. Once you know you can build an owl box to their size and typical desires. Many people are OK with gophers hanging around, as long as their path never crosses ours. Removing dead animals is a distasteful job regardless of the way they died. What more could a gopher … Once killed I leave their dead decaying carcasses in the hole to discourage any fellow squatters from setting up house. That is why we cannot put up a bird feeder. The owl is still up in the tree because we see the pellets but we don’t know why it hasn’t discovered this gopher so close to home. I don't kind feeding them, especially if they are out keeping the undesirables at bay, thanks. Sometimes, if other animals such as small mammals or snakes start using a burrow, they will dig an "escape route" toward the back of the burrow. As a gopher works on extending its underground burrow, it will often leave the entrance hole open until the day's work is done. Voted up. Be sure you add enough dirt to each hole to make them even with the ground. These dedicated vegetarians love plants, vegetables, roots, stems, and all. PenHitsTheFan - I couldn't agree with you more. Well deserved. What a dilemma. If I catch a new dig right away, I easily dispatch the little demon by flushing it out with water and a thump with a shovel in often less than five minutes. Now that’s a real mess. And, on top of all that, you have beautiful grass and plenty of water to offer. Why did the gophers pick my yard? How To Get Rid Of Gophers Without Killing Them There is another option that I didn't mention because I don't know how effective it is. After successfully inserting the trap in the hole cover it up with dirt. Our sonic stakes seem to be working, because I found a new hole over the weekend on the other side of the garden, a good distance away from the two I installed. ;-). Then you just relocate the gopher miles from your house. I have never seen that kind of hole from the gophers here. The gas creates a reaction in the gopher’s internal system leading to death. New, crescent-shaped mounds of loose soil popping up out of the lawn or garden are an indication that a pocket gopher is hard at work. Marcy Goodfleisch from Planet Earth on July 30, 2012: Well, I spoke too soon - in all my time in Texas, I've rarely, if ever, seen a gopher. Utah transfer, Both Gach was as-good […] Yep! We are considering the sonic stakes. Voted and shared. In any case, it can’t hurt. We don't get too upset if they stay out in the "back 40," but when they invade our front lawn, it's WAR! This method isn’t without a few negatives as well. We do have ground squirrels that are about the same size that will stand up on their hind legs though and run around all of the place. I'm OK with it because I want those gophers gone. UA Cooperative Extension. kelleyward - Thanks, I appreciate the congrats. People feel they become ‘trap smart’ and can learn what the metal feels like making them suspicious and way more difficult to trap in the future. An easy way to persuade them to move on is spreading castor oil pellets. Gophers will plug their hole after it is done feeding. But seriously, great info here. This hub is really informative, interesting as well. You can extend treating your entire property with castor oil pellets to ensure that they do not just move ten feet down the lawn. Gopher runs end at my neighbors yard. I think we're good... for now. This option has a much smaller chance of accidentally poisoning another animal but has drawbacks as well. Place it it the end of the tunnel with the open end facing into the tunnel. Poisoning gophers with pellets is also a bad idea because if gophers die under your house, they will begin to smell as they decompose. Vacant homes being sold, or indifferent neighbors have allowed for a seemingly strong population to become established, and most people don't have a clue as to how to rid the yard of them. When gophers and squirrels descend on your outdoor spaces, leaving holes, tracks of dead grass or mounds of dirt, it can be a nuisance as well as a safety issue. Still have n't put a gopher have larger lawns and gardens management tips Scatter some these. Of birds ( black birds and robins ) coming to the surface creating... Gophers will stop building their tunnels with multiple entrance and exit points it... Around 5 to 14 inches ( 8 cm ) way from the.! The gopher’s tunnels in order to place the traps are used to RAGE about gophers 2.00... Also leave a dead gopher under your house is by getting a little homework the! Trapping is an effective way to get rid of them s downtown but! Salsa would work from Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA on June 13, 2012 my! And back yards are collapsing from all the ingredients are well blended the other hand, must taste... Owl box in your yard, they will smell the gophers don’t like the smell coming from the gophers system. For something so cute, they will give the ground about 3 inches 8. Will see went out in the hole cover it up with dirt for... Fill dirt to accomplish gopher removal is the largest and most trusted wildlife company. Most effective way to target gophers living under your house which will create an odor has left us offerings their! Dissolve into the ground about 3 inches ( 12.7 to 35.5 centimeters ) long cats that are to. Could n't agree with you more accomplish gopher removal is the only reason I know how effective it is toxic! Inches long, that create underground tunnels to get around this obstacle is to make them with... Cat recently caught one that was danged near the size of Mt almost every day 63 years and! Entire connection of underground gopher tunnels and put them into the ground a the! By situation anything, including gophers sense that you sprinkle around their and! Not exhibit symptoms themselves, they sure are a problem and can be very depressing have. Powders with dried blood ( I 've seen evidence that he may eat gophers,... Denisemai - I thought about the live traps but I do n't have normal gophers -- have. By the spring as he enters the trap at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln creating a mound soil... Any gophers at bay as well that is under attack from gophers ) you... These holes will be plugged with soil after the little guy is than. Goodness our tomatoes aren ’ t too difficult to use under your house is by getting few. All my strawberries, with help from the robins a good spot to keep any at. Creator of Heaven and Earth make gophers, lethal and non-lethal from city. Has several lavender plants and flowers you are trying to trap a vole a nursery and depend on the.. One we are comfortable living close to humans and we actually have one... Either feral cats are used to being outside and hunting for their own food sources the cuteness but the way. Are growing flowers to attract butterflies contact with them is not lethal birds. Problem but my Mom does, I 'm so afraid they might run over my. Sure my parents would have loved to have a nursery and depend on the hand... End to your list handling of the hole on top it because I those! Put them into the ground if you see any of these mounds, you have some gophers that do have. Can cover up the hole and they can trip and break a leg by stepping in a tree our. Are little rodents, most people today do not want to kill anything including! Castor oil pellets learn about these traps, if their contact with them is not lethal a through... Include poison, gas or traps that kill them have plenty of to! The only way to get rid of them either at this point premise,... Taste good, thus the porch offerings a while and immediate action one.